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Verification Response Codes

Following are the verification code responses you will receive from the checks you verify:

Accept 1111 Valid, Open, Posit Account Verified. Valid account, open, positive balance
Accept 2222 Valid, Open, Posit No Negative Data found.  Valid account,open, positive balance.  This could be a Non-DDA account, Line of Credit, Home Equity or Brokerage check.
Accept 3333 Valid, Open, Posit Non-Paticipant Provider. Valid Account, open, positive balance. No neg data The data from this category could be very old and invalid since they are a non-participant menaing they only occasionally supply data.

Warning 0000 Can't Confirm Acct Warning.  Can't Confrim account.  Passed pre-verification tests. No neg data.

Decline GB01 Invalid Routing The status of the bank Routing Number was found to be invalid
Decline GB02 Invalid Account Status of Bank Account found to be invalid.  Probably data entry error
Decline GB03 Invalid Check # The Check Number did not match the bank check number format

Decline GS01 Negative Info Negative information was found.
Decline GS02 Maybe Lost/Stolen Account reported that checks on this account may have been stolen or forged
Decline GS03 Bank Says Closed The bank has reported this account closed.
Decline GS04 ACH Only Account The is a prepaid debit account only.

Decline GW01 Frozen/Closed Frozen accont or Account closed.
Decline GW02 Frozen or Pending Frozen accont or Account closed or pending closure
Decline GW03 Neg/Overdrawn Negative status - overdrawn
Decline GW04 Neg Status Acct Negative status - this could be a non-listed or non-reporting branch
Decline GW05 Fraud/Stolen Acct Fraud, forged or stolen checks reported on this account
Decline GW06 Can'tConfirm Acct. Can't confirm, status unknown - can only match routing number.

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