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Take Checks by Phone or Fax
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Take Checks by Phone, Fax, Email
Print and Deposit Them Today 

Q-Check is the premier software  that allows a  business to  take their customers' check
by phone, by fax, or by email and print and deposit into the bank today.  Phone checks are also known as demand drafts or pre authorized demand drafts.


30 Days Free
Check by Phone 30 days free
Q~Check Take Checks by Phone Features

                                      1.  Take checks by phone, fax, or email
                                      2.  No signature required - print and deposit in the bank
                                      3.  30 Days absolutely free - test it out - no credit card required for the test
                                      4.  $ 99 year 1 and $ 59 per year after - no per check charges ever

Verify Your Checks

Q~Check software now offers users an option to verify checks before they print and deposit them. 

We are now using a new database that combines a blend of information from various bank depository sources to establish the best possible response for each check based on available history for that check writer.

Each inquiry will return either an accept or a decline for the check being verified based on available negative data accrued for the checking account in question and while check verification should be considered as a guide to the viability of a check and not a definitive answer we believe that our database is one of the best solutions in the market for check acceptance.

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